Take your GoPro filming to the next level.

Introducing the Action Box Cine!

A new case for action cameras that levels up your videos and experience through game changing features never seen on an action camera until now.

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For GoPro 9,10,11,12

DJI Osmo 3 & 4 and Insta 360 Ace Pro pending...

Professional Hollywood grade setup that fits in your pocket.

The Ultimate cinematic and vlogging rig

(Patent pending)

- All images are of pre production model -

Control the light

No more ruined footage from light glare washing out contrast and clarity.

Due to GoPro's sensor and stabilization, the top flap is only best utilized on slower moving shots.

Fast Swap Filters

Filters take amateur looking footage and make it cinematic. You can now quickly change not one, but two cinematic filters of choice in mere seconds. There is just nothing else that exists like this.

Built from high-definition optical Gorilla glass, these filters deliver superior optical performance. Dragonfly Optix partnered with Camera Butter to supply the ND filters to ensure the highest quality optics available.

Rugged Magnetic Case

With a slim case that's no longer than an iPhone and just as slim, it's easy to just slip into your pocket until you need them. The filters are so easy to use, it really is just pick and place and let the high powered rare earth magnets do their thing.

Better mounting options

The externally mounted adapter lets you take your camera in and out of the case without any disassembly. Comes stock with GoPro fingers and a 1/4" - 20 hole to accommodate all your mounts!

Vlog like a pro

With the built in cold shoe adapter attach your favorite mic, or light or both... A content creators dream.

For the GoPro there is an external holder for the 3.5mm audio adapter - potentialy built in electronics and mic in future versions.

Cold Shoe

The top flap is great outdoors, but in low light you need light! That's why the top flap is removable and can be replaced with a second cold shoe, so you can add your light source.

Danny Black - YouTuber

Adaptable to all your filming needs

No more light glare, no more washed out footage, better audio, better mounting options. No matter where you are trust that you have the tools to capture your videos with ease.... Make your videos amazing.

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