I love to bring my action camera everywhere—(think GoPro or DJI) and documenting my adventures through cinematic sequences, fun action shots and vlogging.

But let me ask…have you ever lost an important shot, cool angle or had a face/subject washed out due to sun glare or delays from cumbersome lens changes? Few things seem to dampen the mood or the moment quicker, when all you want to do is capture a buttery smooth cinematic look, moving shot or awe-inspiring moment on life’s journey as as easily as possible. I knew there was a way to make all these issues go away.

So I set out to design a tool to do just this. Inspired by Nature’s genius from the dragonfly’s vision — among the best on the planet — I came up with the Action Box CineTM, a system that can solve these problems and give people the ability to use the features they love to tell their stories with more clarity and ease.

With the Action Box Cine, our company is set to offer a simple yet sophisticated 1-stop solution for your filming adventures. A system truly unique and never seen before, until now. 

At Dragonfly OptixTM our focus is making your videos the best they can be. Enjoy!

My name is Ulysses. I am an inventor, product designer, outdoor adventure enthusiast, photographer, cinematographer and 3d printer fanatic. I am so excited to bring this invention to Kickstarter and soon the rest of the world!

Many months of design and iterating took place using the amazing technology of 3D printing.